Olivios Albiña is a family company dedicated to the natural cultivation of olives.  After years of preparation our products have been launched onto the market with the highest quality given by taking extreme care during all stages of production which permits us to make a high quality extra virgin olive oil and the finest gourmet tapenade with unequalled flavors.   All of this is intended to please even the pickiest of tastes.  


Olivos Albiña is a family owned company founded in 2006 by its owners Hernan Albiña and Helia Mura. From its beginnings, Olivos Albiña was a hobby of the owners dedicated to producing extra virgin olive oil in an artisanal way. Little by little this product started to receive favorable praise among its local consumers. The owners decided to expand their product line so, they launched their most outstanding product: gourmet olive tapenades.
Both products have grown fast becoming recognized in the Huasco Valley.
What started off as a hobby for the Olivos Albiña owners soon turned into one of the most important family owned business in the Atacama Region. Olivos Albiña strives to maintain its gourmet quality, flavor and aroma.


Located more than 600km north of Santiago, under the intense sun of the most arid desert in the world, is where Olivos Albiña can be found, in the Huasco valley of the Atacama Desert.  The climate here is comparable to the Mediterranean climates of Europe where vast types of olives flourish, one hundred years ago the Spanish brought these olive trees to Chile. The olives and extra virgin olive oils that are produced in this magical place are recognized worldwide which contributes to the reason why it is called The Garden of the Atacama Desert.