Our process begins moving our olives, which are handpicked, to the oil press. These are processed with Italian technology, transforming them into our prestigious extra virgin olive oil.

Our olives are processed immediately after harvest, avoiding damage and guaranteeing the quality of the fruit. After harvest, the olives go through a process where all the impurities that could harm our olive oil, like branches and leaves, are removed. Completing this, the olives go through a washing process, entering a mill that grinds completely the olives converting them into a sauce. This sauce goes to a mixer to extract the good fatty acids. After that, the sauce will be entered into an horizontal centrifuge (or decanter), which is responsible of separating the oil from water and solids. 

After all these processes, our extra virgin olive oil originates, being pumped into stainless steel tanks where the olive oil is decanted.  After decanting, our olive oil is filtered and packaged in different formats ready to carry home and preserving all its flavor and freshness that characterizes us.


Our process for developing our gourmet olive sauce begins with the handpicked harvest of our olives. Once harvested, these are emptied into containers where they are fermented naturally, getting the optimal salinity level of the olives for the production of our gourmet olive sauce.

After that, the olive is processed industrially, with ultimate Italian technology, specially designed for this type of processes,   delivering a completely milled and homogeneous olive sauce, This sauce has all of their olive pits and skins removed,  obtaining the raw material for the production of our gourmet tapenade. This sauce is mixed with natural spices, and then it’s packaged and pasteurized.

Finally we obtain our gourmet tapenade, which it’s a reflection our quality and passion for our products.